Delivering Specialized Consulting Across A Variety of Industry Sectors


Our subject matter experts are recognized experts in their fields and each brings decades of experience to public and private sector clients in the energy, environmental, infrastructure, logistics, and transportation sectors.


Nouveau’s staff analyzes trending news and information to create relevant content aimed at informing and educating your clients and audiences in specific industries.

Strategic Analysis

Our experts offer real-time analysis on public impact policy issues affecting specific industries within our economy. When due diligence or specific business industry intelligence is required, our experts understand the ecosystems in your industry.

Custom Solutions

We help companies reduce volatility and risk by developing, evaluating, and implementing safety risk management systems, regulatory compliance programs, and best practices to achieve safety and operational excellence.

About Nouveau

We provide policy, regulatory compliance, public relations, technical expertise, project management, and litigation support to our public and private sector entities across multiple industries and economic sectors.

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Delivering Specialized Consulting Across A Variety of Industry Sectors